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Top 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About RV Rentals

A lot of people have a tendency to rent recreational vehicles to use while on vacation. Driving or towing an RV is a lot easier than most newcomers think. Skilled automobile drivers already have the necessary expertise to drive or pull an RV. Here are some of the questions people tend to ask:

1. Why rent an RV instead of just staying at a hotel?
According to a new study evaluating vacation costs, RV trips continue to be the least costly type of vacation, even during this time of record-high gas prices. Affordability is a key reason why RV travel appeals so much to families. RVs are a relaxing, convenient, hassle-free way to travel, take pleasure in the great outdoors, and spend quality time with family.

2. What is included in a typical RV or motorhome rental?
You’ll get a generator, but use of it is not normally included in the fee. You will need it only for operating the ceiling air-conditioning, microwave and TV in a place without electrical hookups. Companies that rent travel trailers usually require that you supply your own tow vehicle, hitch and electrical hookups.

3. What comes inside the RV or motorhome?
It’s best to keep cooking minimal, though most RVs come outfitted with small sinks, refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens. Agencies rent kitchen packs for about $85, with plates, pots and pans, cooking utensils, a broom and a flashlight. You can also get personal kits for about $35, complete with pillows, blankets, sheets and towels.

4. Is a certain type of driver’s license needed to drive an RV?
Driving an RV is easier than most people think, and in most cases it does not require a special license. The very largest motorhomes may in some states require a special driving test or a written test for a different class of driver’s license.

5. Is insurance included with the rental?
Rental RVs can sometimes be covered through the driver’s auto insurance policy. There are a lot of limits and complications to this option, so it is a good idea to buy additional RV rental insurance. RV rental insurance will cover you for most road-related damages and liability.

6. Should I rent a Class A or a Class C motorhome or RV?
You should be clear about what you want before undertaking out to rent a motorhome. Research shows that Class C motorhomes are popular because of their safety record, which is the highest among all motor homes. They also have more sleeping capacity and better fuel consumption.

7. Can I take the RV to Mexico?
If you plan to travel to Mexico, additional insurance and other conditions may apply. If you get off the beaten path, RV travel in Mexico is a great adventure. However be warned – the further off the tourist track you go, the less English-speaking Mexicans you will encounter.

You need to be able to answer these questions:
a. Are you covered from state to state? Will your rates change if you move to another state?
b. Are you covered if someone other than you (named insured) is driving?
c. What is the best way to handle claims when you’re on the road?
d. Will items you have added to your RV and the contents of your RV be covered in the event of a total loss?
e. Are you still fully covered if you’re traveling in Mexico or Canada?
f. What discounts are available?

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