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Top 7 Things You Must Know Before You RV With Your Dogs

For RVers who go with pets, a dog can be man’s best friend until he decides to leave his calling card on the grass, bark continuously, intimidate other RVers, go roving to call on other dogs and hound the local wildlife. A lot of these problems can be avoided if you follow a few basic guidelines.

1. Schedule regular potty breaks. Stop about every three hours so your dogs can relieve themselves, stretch their legs and get a drink. A last stop before checking in at your campground is also a good idea. Pets need regular breaks to get some fresh air and exercise, just like the people they travel with. At the campground, be sure you cleanup after Sparky, carry plenty of doggie pooper scoopers and bags.

2 . Designate a place for your dog to sleep. You can opt to bring along your dog’s regular bed, or, perhaps a new lounge style bed or corner bed would work better in the RV.

3. Find a dog friendly RV park. Always call ahead to verify a prospective park’s guidelines regarding your dogs, even if they declare themselves "pet-friendly". You don’t want to turn up at the park after a long day on the road with your golden retriever, only to find out that dogs weighing less than 20 pounds is what that campground means by pet friendly.

4. Stop your dog from barking incessantly. Dogs bark for numerous reasons. Barking can often be considered a nuisance on a campsite, whatever the reason for it. Training the dog not to bark, or more specifically, to bark only at the suitable times, is undoubtedly the best method of controlling persistent barking.

5. Keep your dogs occupied.

Provide him with a chew toy for distraction, especially when you’re still en route.

There are quite a few chew toys that can actually feed your dog while you are away for the day and by doing so they can avert boredom for long periods of time.

The Kong Company has a line of chew toys that are hollow and open at one end so that food can be placed into them, such as dry treats or even canned food.

6. Have a plan for when you visit tourist areas. Leave the vents open, have fresh water out, and some puddle pads on the floor just in case there is an accident, whenever you go on a tour or shopping. Leave the windows open only an inch – open windows can become an escape route, and your dog can jump right through the screens all the way to the ground.

7. Keep your dog well groomed. There are no-rinse shampoos that are great for spot cleaning whenever a full bath is not feasible. You just spray it on; rub it into the fur like shampoo and them towel it off. Treated dog wipes are also available. Look for unscented ones. Bathing needn’t be done very often, unless the dog has been rolling in something distasteful or otherwise gets very dirty.

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