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The Top 3 Toy Haulers On The Market – Which One Is Right For You?

A.K.A. the toy box, sport utility trailer, sport utility RV, gear box or ramp trailer, one of the most up-to-date developments in RVing at the moment is the “toy hauler” trailer.

You should answer some important questions before buying a toy hauler: what will you use to pull it? How will you use it? How much cargo space is required to house your toys? How frequently will you use it?

What type of floor plan do you want? How many people do you want it to sleep? How much do you want to pay?

Following are the top 3 toy haulers on the market:

1. Weekend Warrior. Since 1989, Weekend Warrior has been the modern leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling high quality toy haulers.

This company makes an extensive Brand line of regular model and custom-designed toy haulers. Weekend Warrior, as pioneers in this industry, have set the standard for combining function, value, comfort and style.

2. Fleetwood GearBox. You get more value for your hard earned money with a GearBox, and lots of what other RV manufacturers call optional is standard on this toy hauler. You can select from eight innovative floor plans.

Packing and unpacking your stuff is a snap with the GearBox’s heavy-duty ramp door, which is rated for 3500 lbs, is extra long, and has a “beavertail” departure angle.

3. Next Level from Holiday Rambler. Next Level is designed to load up and go swiftly with a colossal rear ramp door that’s rated at 2,500 lbs, and comes with non-skid flooring. There’s also ample space inside to unwind in comfort. You can relax and look at the optional 24” television or listen to music from the new, standard 12V Sirius-ready receiver with CD/DVD player, a 720-watt amplifier, subwoofer, and four interior 3-way speakers. The Next Level makes everything easy.

Toy Trailers - Living Area and Storage!
Toy haulers feature living quarters in the front for up to eight people and storage space in the back for everything from ATVs, dirt bikes and 4x4’s to jet skis and snowmobiles.

These garages on wheels are priced from $20,000 to $60,000, and they appeal to people who spend their weekends at the river, in the desert or in the mountains.

Your toyhauler can be a first-rate docking station, in addition to carrying trail cargo and providing a comfortable home. Options can include fueling stations, auxiliary generators that can power equipment like arc welders, air compressors, power-wash stations, electric winches for loading toys, and removable workbenches. Once you know what equipment you want, it’s important to check the specifications, which include the cargo capacity and the dry hitch weight of the towable unit.

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