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A Van Conversion Or A Motorhome? Which Is Best For Your Needs?

What Is A Van Conversion?

A van conversion, as its name suggests, is a customized edition of an original vehicle that is made over to suit a buyer who is unhappy with the vehicle as it came from the factory.

Conversion companies, also called “upfitters,” usually buy a basic vehicle or a stripped chassis from its original maker.

They then make all the alterations needed at their own plant – including additional comfort and convenience features – to make it marketable to a particular type of client.

Also known as Class “B” motorhomes and van campers, the van conversion is the smallest self-contained motorhome. It is a panel-type truck modified to incorporate sleeping, eating and bathroom conveniences.

What’s It Like To Travel In A Van Conversion?
With so many features and options available, van conversions let you have the benefit of all of the comforts of home even when you’re on the road, whether you’re doing a tour of the country, camping out, or getting out of town for an extra day or two.

Van conversions are small compact units that usually sleep two or three people, sometimes a few more. These vans came into their own in the 1960’s and 70’s, when people put bedclothes and other basics in their vans so they could have an itinerant lifestyle. Today’s van conversion looks a lot like a normal van, except it usually has a bubble top to accommodate walking around inside.

How Do You Convert A Van?
Conversion vans are all about features. You will be overwhelmed by the facilities you can order. You can get features like high definition TV, complete with surround sound and wireless headsets, and options such as leather seats and walnut trim. A conversion van is built on a van chassis, and is not much wider or longer than the length of that chassis.

What’s It Like To Travel In A Motorhome?
There are several motorhome types to choose from. If you want to park yourself for a week or two at a time and drive around in the tow vehicle, a travel trailer (the kind that is towed behind a car or truck) is perfect for you. Class “C” motorhomes are good for families. Class “A” motorhomes are very luxurious, and are best suited to couples.

Getting a loan or financing is the trickiest part of buying a van conversion, especially if you’re buying it used. If you want to come out ahead, first decide on the type of van conversion you want without talking about financing, settle on a price, agree to a trade in value, then tell the salesperson you’re willing to discuss any financing options they have. Don’t tell them about any terms you may have gotten approval for at your bank or other RV financing source.

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