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Why You Need RV Rental Insurance
– What You Don’t Know Can Cost You Thousands!

Renting a unit of the same type you’re thinking of buying can be very useful for helping you make up your mind, especially if you’re a first-time RV traveler.

Insurance on a rental RV is not fully covered on your personal automobile insurance, so ask your agent for a binder that extends your coverage to the RV for the full rental period.

Can Your Auto Insurance Policy Cover It?
Before paying for additional coverage, contact your credit card company and auto insurer to find out the extent to which you are covered. RV rental insurance works pretty much the same as with car rentals.

Be careful about the insurance coverage, because RVs are expensive vehicles. Make sure you know what is covered by the insurance before you buy: injuries and property damage caused by you to others, damage to the rental, expenses such as hotel and airfare. Be sure to disclose all drivers. Keep in mind that if your trip will take you south of the border, Mexico does not recognize US insurance.

Purchasing Coverage Through A Rental Company
It’s generally simpler to obtain insurance through a rental company than to get it through your auto insurance company, and the rental plans offer more complete protection. Rental insurance can cost $15-$25 per day depending on the size of the RV being rented. You can also buy supplemental liability insurance for about $10 a day, which gives extra liability coverage of up to one million dollars.

Liability insurance will cover all damage and bodily harm caused by the RV motorist. It guarantees that if you run into someone, that person will receive compensation. Collision insurance covers any damage done to the RV when a collision occurs. It is a good idea to buy uninsured or underinsured coverage as well, to protect you from having to pay for any damages caused by another vehicle driven by someone who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the damage.

What Does RV Rental Insurance Cover?
The fact that most RV drivers do not often drive RVs makes rental insurance a particularly good idea. RV rental insurance covers you for most road-related damages and liability. Most RV rental insurance doesn’t cover the interior of the recreational vehicle. Since appliances and furniture are not covered, you should be especially careful with these items.

RVs are still the most economical way to take a vacation. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association recently commissioned a study for the purpose of evaluating RV travel vs. other popular types of vacations. Kannan Sankaran, the lead researcher for the study, concluded, “In all cases, RV trips were more economical than other vacations analyzed, regardless of trip duration, distance or region of the country.”

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