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Solar Panel Sale

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Yes, there are solar panel sales outlets all over the country. In addition to sales through regular shops, you can also find a great variety of solar panels for sale through the Internet. So what is the cost of a solar panel, what can you expect to be charged?

Affordable Power Anywhere
Generally, you can estimate the cost of a solar panel by the wattage you expect to draw. A panel will cost you around $4 - $5 a watt. You can even get used panels at much reduced prices. Not much can go wrong with them because there are no moving parts to wear out or replace. Older cells may have a slight reduction in efficiency as compared to new ones.

Typically, home solar panels come in wattages that range between 10 watts to under 200 watts. These will cost any where from about $200 to $800. Just as an illustration, see the Shell series of solar panels. The current cost of these panels is as indicated:

SQ160 SQ160 - 160 Watts 24Vdc-Multi Contact Harness
SQ150 SQ150 - 150 Watts 24Vdc-Multi Contact Harness
SQ80 SQ80 - 80 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel
SQ75 SQ75 - 75 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel

Of course there is a great deal of variety available within this range. We are now getting improved mono-crystalline cells that deliver significantly more power – up to 6% more for the same surface area. Although costs are somewhat higher.


If you live in an area where the sunlight is not too bright, you can still use solar panels. Just remember to ask for cells that are specially built to work in lower light conditions. These cells work with new thin film technology to deliver even under such demanding conditions.


Next are flexible solar panels. These come at a solar panel price of about $20 per watt. However, look at the benefits! They weigh under a pound, can be rolled into a cylinder three inches thick and can be hung from a tent pole or a tree trunk.

You want more? These solar panels are waterproof and come with all sorts of power adapters. Ideal for charging your digital camera, laptop, satellite phone or radio in the wild, these portable generators give a new dimension to mobility. Once you get used to these, you will wonder how earlier explorers ever survived without these power options.

If you install a high wattage system and use it in a commercial setting, you will probably want to use a single axis or a dual axis tracker. These devices will ‘track’ the sun as it moves across the sky and ensure that the photo panels are at the best angle possible. This is especially important during early mornings and evenings when the Sun’s rays are slant. Using these solar panels you can deliver much higher outputs than static mounts. However, this comes at a cost. Typical costs of these panels are around $2000.

A great feature of most photocells is the capability to hook up as many as you need. This allows you to scale up your power as your needs grow. Due to this, your investment is incremental and affordable.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models solar panels.

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