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Solar Water Pumps – Add that Extra Shine to Your RV

You might have an RV or trailer that is either towed or self-propelled. You may have a folding trailer, conventional travel trailer or fifth-wheel trailer. It could be a motor home, van-conversion or truck with a slide-in camper.

Every recreational vehicle or motorcoach has its own definite style and comfort. Most folks who live in their RV keep their vehicle in pristine condition. Most of today's RVs have aluminum bodies or bodies made of other shiny materials. The pride people have in their RV means they like to keep them clean, bright and shining. A periodic wash is necessary. This is where water pumps come in.

Parked in an RV park or a campground, with a water source easily available, you will require a water pump to pump water to clean the outside of your RV. A water pump fulfills the basic necessity of pumping water for multi-utility processes or for basic usage like watering the plants or cleaning your vehicle. It can even be used for washing clothes in case you are living in your RV out in the wilderness. Solar water pumps come in various sizes, capacity and utility.

Types of Water Pumps
Dankoff Slow Pump.Dankoff Slow Pump, as the name may suggest, is not that slow. In fact, it is used for pumping out water from ponds, streams, storage tanks and even small water reservoirs. In an RV parked near a pond or river, you really do not have to worry about practical accessibility of the water, with your trusty water pump around. It is extremely efficient and runs on just a single 35-watt solar panel. Solar Slow Pump.Solar slow-pumps were the first commercially available slow pumps. Since, they are not expensive, people have installed them at various places including their homes, makeshift cabins, camps, etc., even in some of the most remote of areas. The overall life expectancy of the slow pump is approximately 15 -20 years.

The Electric Water PumpToday we also have access to highly effective electric water pumps, which combine the fluid, mechanical and electrical components to work together. As a result, they deliver high efficiency at low cost and have a long life. The capacity of this electrical gadget varies from 10 gallons per minute (gpm) to over 500 gpm. Some of the key features of this pump are that they have sensor-less motor controllers capable of single speed or fully controlled with PWM. They work on various voltages like 12, 24, 340 VDC and 110/220 VAC.

The electric water pump has a liquid cooled motor, computer designed impeller and is silent. It is very compact, easy to carry, does not take up space and can be customized to meet any kind of requirement. It has multiple applications for vehicular, industrial, and commercial use. Whenever you feel your RV deserves a nice wash, you can pick one of these electrical wonders for clean, sparkling wash!

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of water pumps.

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