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Used RV For Sale - Worth its Price

Every RVer understands the freedom and the enjoyment that is afforded by living the "RV lifestyle". It is not very expensive to own a Recreational Vehicle, and at the same time, it is not quite within the reach of all. One option is to lease an RV to indulge in your passion for outdoor life. The other is to buy a used RV. There is no shortage of Good Sam Certified Used RVs for sale. One can find a whole host of used RV Class A for sale vehicles in the "classifieds" under 'used RV motor home for sale', 'used RV trailer for sale' or 'used rvs for sale' in any RV trade magazine. Used vehicles are also advertised by the name of the models, such as 'National Dolphin used RV sale.'

When Buying Pre-Owned RVs Be Cautious
While buying used can be a very cost-effective alternative to buying new, you should inspect your used RV according to the following guidelines. Always have your mechanic perform a diagnostic inspection of the entire vehicle before purchasing.

Many of these items in 'pristine' condition can turn out to be long overdue for the junkyard. Look for the telltale signs of water leaks. Abundance of sealant or silicone around the window edges is a dead giveaway. Extra sealant along the corner moldings is another sign of water leakage. Look at the roof for any sealant around vents and check the seams for cracks and flakes. How does the floor feel like? Spongy? Look into the corners behind the lockers. Is the ceiling sagging in places? Are there stains on the ceiling? These are all signs that water has done its job and the RV is fit for its last rites.

Any used RV for sale must have a complete systems, appliance, and running gear diagnostic check by a reputable RV dealer before you make any payment. The checks include:

  • For Systems Check among others - water lines, taps, traps, fresh water tank, water pump, for water leaks. Window seals and mechanisms, roof vents, cupboard latches for operation. T.V. antenna, booster, fold down camper, if applicable.
  • For Appliances check - refrigerator, stove, oven, furnace, microwave, hot water tank, air-conditioner and generator. Appliances should be operated to see if they are in working condition. The fridge will require a few hours' wait to insure that it is cooling properly.
  • For Running Gear Check - inspection and function of the brake shoes, magnets, drums, wheel bearings, axles, springs, tires, etc.

These checks are not exhaustive and there are many other accessories to check. Make a thorough inspection of the undercarriage and the roof of the motor coach. Check the service records. Take a test drive to see how it handles in different road conditions.

RV Valuation
How do you evaluate the value of the fifth wheel RV used for sale you intend to buy? Depreciation of value is one factor to seriously consider buying. There are other factors involved too. Cost of money (interest on loan or lost investment interest), maintenance, insurance and licensing are the other major factors.

Studies show that the value of a used three-year-old RV is about half that or less of a new one.

Once you have satisfied yourself that the used RV on sale is the correct one for you, you can complete the remaining formalities to close the deal.

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