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Recreational vehicles (RVs) are meant for people who love travel and outdoor living. People use RVs to go on vacations, which often works out to be cheaper than traveling by air and staying in hotels. Full timers are people who live in their motor coaches.

Most of the full timers are retirees. You will find a number of RV hotels and camping grounds catering to your unique needs. Such facilities have made this type of traveling a fun experience, and have led to a growing population of recreational vehicle owners. If you intend to buy a used RV, be sure to shop around.

Finding A Used RV For Sale
Even a used RV can be a considerable expense. As you visit the site to inspect the vehicle, take a close look. If you find more than a normal amount of silicone or sealant around the window edges, suspect water leakage. Suspect more water leakage if you find roof sealant around the vents and signs of seam crackling and flaking.

Check the interior of the motor coach carefully. A spongy floor is a clear indication of water damage. Look for more telltale signs such as water stains along the sides and edges, and softened wood paneling. Keep away from such an RV. Take along with you a trained mechanic whose professional judgment will come in handy. Buy a used RV only after considering his views.

Get a complete systems check done including checks for propane system leaks, electric system, water lines, traps, taps, water pump, all three water tanks, slide valves, roof vents, window seals, and cupboard latches. You should also check that the signal systems are working fine, and so are the booster and TV antenna. Your electric system check should include a check on 110 volt and GFI outlets, 12 volts outlets, battery charger, inverter, converter, and fans.

Used RVs need a thorough professional check to ascertain the function of the brake shoes, drums, wheel bearings, springs, axles, bolts and shackles, stabilizing jacks, break-away switch and tires. Check the refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, furnace, hot water tank, air-conditioner and generator. Make sure that the appliances are running on the fuels that they are supposed to run on.

RV Underbelly

Check the underbelly for signs of rust and corrosion, and the roof from the inside for signs of leakage. Take out the used RV on a long test drive across all possible terrains, especially hills, to see how the engine performs. You will also learn how it handles under different conditions.

Working Out Finances
Work out your finances, before finalizing your deal. You may have to look for a financer to lend on your used RV. The Internet is the best place for that purpose. You may try a number of financers or dealers and go through their offers. A cheaper interest rate is not necessarily the best financing. Go through the terms of the loan closely. Use the help of a financial expert in such matters, if required. Be sure that you can easily afford the monthly repayments.

Once everything is in place, go ahead and buy your used RV! Let the adventure begin!

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