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Park Models for Sale at Discounts

classy park model home.
A Park Model is a type of RV designed to be setup at an RV lot or campsite for an extended period of time.

With the cost of recreational homes rising, many people are turning to Park Model RVs and "destination camping" as a less expensive alternative for fulfilling their recreational needs. Destination camping is camping where you leave your trailer or park home at one location, and keep returning to it. Traveling to your trailer RV rather than traveling with it.

If you love the mountains, lakes, or the sea, park model homes offer you all the comforts and convenience of home at any location you choose.

A park model is really somewhere in between mobile or manufactured homes and RVs. The major technical difference between a park model RV trailer and a regular RV is that the park model lacks holding tanks. It is meant to be placed on a site with the necessary hookups.

There are essentially 2 types of park model homes. One has the feel of a conventional travel trailer, complete with fiberglass or metal siding, etc.

The other is constructed in almost the same way as upscale manufactured homes, complete with exterior siding, composite roof shingles, sheetrock, etc.

Many people will used a park model RV as a second home in a vacation destination where they have family they like to visit several times in a year. The park model RV offers a private place to live and enjoy a second home without all of the expenses related to actual home ownership. Furthermore this home can be moved and relocated if you want to enjoy a new part of the country at some time in the future.

log park model trailer.

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