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Non-Vented or Vented RV Washer Dryer?

While some folks might purchase stand-alone washers and dryers for their RV’s, most people opt for the space-saving convenience of the combo RV washer/dryer. They’re easier, take up far less space, and generally consume less power than their home counterparts.

Vented or Non-Vented?:
The biggest question people ask is whether to buy a vented or non-vented (ventless) RV washer/dryer combo, or a retrofit ventless clothes dryer. Don’t be fooled by any up front cost savings because you’ll end up paying more in the end, both in terms of your patience and pocket book.

The ventless dryers actually use water to help dry your laundry. Strange as it may seem, it’s true. They use a “self condensing” drying process that takes longer, uses far more water, and leaves your laundry a little damp

Non-Vented RV Washer Dryer.
ventless stackable washer dryer
to the touch when you take it out. Since the inside of the drum is heated and there’s no vent for the condensed steam to escape, you have to do something with the steam. The cold water is used to cool the outside of the drum, which causes the water vapor to condense. It’s then pumped out of the washer/dryer unit.

This process can be very disconcerting for many people. Yes, your laundry will be dry – it just may not feel dry! The self-condensing process can leave your clothes feeling a little damp. Not to worry – just shake them out and fold them as usual. They’ll be fine.

Ask Other RV Enthusiasts!:
Go out onto just about any user forum and ask about RV washer/dryer combos and you’ll be told to get the vented model. You can certainly believe these people – they’ve been there, and most have tried the ventless models, only to end up frustrated.

What Works For You:
It’s not that the ventless models don’t work or aren’t reliable. They work great, and if that’s all you can do because of the design of your RV, then go for it. Just be aware that you’ll use more water and it will take longer for your laundry to dry than with a vented model. (If you are going ventless, you might consider a marine ventless washer dryer combo model). Keep in mind, there are a number of models available, including the popular combination washer dryer 14 vented unit. Be sure to shop around before making your final decision!

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