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Water Filter System – For Your RV

Water is the life-source. Unlike Oxygen, it is not found in so much abundance. Drinking water today is also contaminated to quite a degree.

So if you own a recreational vehicle (RV) and are traveling across, say, Southern California and there is no water source nearby, what do you do? You can buy bottled water but how economical would that be over a period of 5 days or so. Even if there is a water source, you might find the water contaminated.

Therefore, what you really need is a water filter system when you are out on that long RV holiday trip with your family. There is always a possibility of water shortage or contaminated water. However, if you have a water filter system attached to your RV, then you do not need to worry about contaminated water or running out of water.

Types of Water Filter Systems
Faucet Mounted Filtering Unit.The water filter systems come in many sizes, shapes, price and utility. They can be easily fitted to your RV, whether it is a sport utility RV or a class C motor home or any other type. These filters can have simple or complex functions but they fulfill the needs of people out in their RVs. There is an alternative, which is bottled water or Mineral water. It is pure but expensive in the long run, as one cannot use it for all purposes. Home water filters are much more convenient. The simplest of them is a water-filtering pitcher. You work it by filling the pitcher’s reservoir with water and as it runs through, the water gets cleansed.

Water Filter Pitcher. Just imagine yourself on a long dusty road with no ranches in sight. There is a river running alongside the road and you need to replenish your drinking and cooking water. So what do you do? You can transfer water from the river into the water-filtering pitcher or whichever water filtering system you have inside your RV. The pitcher would take care of the rest while you can go off to sleep or start driving down that winding road.

There are various kinds of pitchers available in the market today. Some are very easy to use and all you have to do is attach one to the tap in your RV. These filters have carbon components and are designed with a bypass valve to filter water only when required like making cup-o-noodle. Ion Exchange Water Filters.There are larger models of the same pitcher, which occupy a little more space in your RV. Another type of filters - the ion-exchange filters completely remove calcium and magnesium that cause lime scale.

Water distillers work on the simple principal of converting water to steam and condensing the steam back to water. The only disadvantage is that they may be cumbersome, but that depends on the kind of space your RV has. Some people prefer to attach them on the roof of their RVs. No more water problems!

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers for these and many other models of RV water filters and water filter systems.

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