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Water Storage Tank - The RV Advantage

rv tank for water storage. Water is such a necessity that if we are unable to store drinking water then eventually it will be D-Day. When you are traveling on camping tours or cross-country in an RV, you just might find that you have run out of water. Therefore, to quench your thirst, you can probably pick up bottled water from a nearby store.

However, how long can you stay on bottled water since it is an expensive option. If you are living in an RV with your family, with your children, then the requirement for water might more than double. So why face a situation like this when you can fit a water storage tank to your RV. That would solve all your water problems. You can choose to have a water storage tank according to the size and space of your RV.

RV Fresh Water Tanks.Good water storage tanks can store in large capacities also. These tanks can either be attached to the roof of the vehicle or attached underneath. You can even place it inside the RV, if you have some extra space. The RV fresh water tanks are available in the size and capacity of 10, 21, 30 and 42 Gallons.

Types of RV Water Tanks
The RV fresh water tanks are generally white in color. They have a usual wall thickness of 1/8 inches and are specifically designed to serve the purpose of water storage in trailers, motor homes or other recreational vehicles. The water tanks come in various sizes and some of the capacity and sizes available for your RV are:

10 gallon
21 gallon
30 gallon

RV Fresh Water Tanks
rv water storage tanks.There are other plastic tanks also, which are generally used for storing water and can be fitted onto an RV. The most extensive use of a plastic tank is for storing drinking water. However, before you buy or start storing water, there are few points that you need to remember. Always try to buy a green tank. Green is the color of algae and this can considerably reduce the possibility of algae in your water tank. If you are traveling or living in an RV, which is generally parked in an open area, the chances of algae affecting the water is much more.

water storage tanks.Another important thing is their compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Most of these tanks are made of polythene or other plastic materials, which might not be approved by the FDA. Also never, use a water tank to store chemicals. The most commonly used material to make a water tank is PVC. This is because they are strong, flame resistant, can handle hot temperatures and are inexpensive.

Before you install a PVC tank or any other water tank, be sure that there are no defects. These tanks are delicate and any kind of puncture or defects might destroy the purpose it is meant to serve. So now, you can sleep comfortably in your RV without having to worry about not having enough water on board.

Check out our recommended resources below for attractive deals and offers on these and many other models of water storage tanks.

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